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10 Fall High Definition Wallpapers

Wallpaper | 2014-09-04

Today we offer a selection of 10 autumn wallpapers, always in High Definition. Find this warm atmosphere through this wallpaper selection, autumn landscape, leaves, when red and yellow are wherever. ...

5 How to train your dragon High Definition Wallpapers

Wallpaper | 2014-08-28

Your kids are fans of Hiccup and Toothless? We propose to illustrate your computer with the colors of the saga "How to train your Dragon", through these 5 desktop wallpapers in high definition. Wallpa...

10 Back to school High Definition wallpapers

Wallpaper | 2014-08-28

It's the end of summer and the Back to school approach. My HD Wallpapers offers a selection of 10 wallpapers in high resolution, to illustrate and bring to contemporary taste your computer. Pencils, S...

12 wallpapers for 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

Wallpaper | 2014-08-25

With the creation of the Retina screens, wallpapers adapted are rarer on the web. Know that for a MacBook Pro 15-inch retina display, the ideal resolution wallpapers is 2880x1800px. Here is a selectio...

10 Black and White High Definition Wallpapers

Wallpaper | 2014-08-25

Sometimes a picture can be sublimated in black and white. This is the case of our below selection of 10 wallpapers in high definition, 10 wallpapers in black and white to illustrate your computer with...

What wallpaper resolution to choose for my Retina Display?

Wallpaper | 2014-08-07

You just unpacked it, you have it in your hands, that's it, your first device with retina display is before your eyes. However, for optimal use, you don't know what image resolution to choose as wallp...

New feature: Add a filter to wallpapers.

Wallpaper | 2014-07-30

At a time when filtered image applications are exploding (instagram, retrica ...), our site gets the taste of the day by offering you filters to wallpapers available on the site ... Whether black and ...

New Facebook cover section to download free covers for your Facebook Timeline.

Wallpaper | 2014-07-20

My HD Wallpapers enlarges! We now offer a whole new section dedicated to Facebook Covers. You can download thousands of covers perfectly fitted for your Facebook Timeline. In this article we will expl...

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